wishlist upon my life..

salam little diary,

these are my wish that i want to do/achieve in my life :

♥ visiting Istanbul, Turki

♥ and travel all-over-around the world

♥ doing Hajj with my family (ibu, ayah, adik2)

♥ kerja oversea?study oversea? yg pnting oversea

♥ getting my healthy weight-45 kg

♥ panjat gunung kinabalu, paling tak pon,, jungle trekking..

♥ scuba diving

♥ having a precious/blissful life that lead me to Jannah

♥ having a spouse & kids that seriously will meet again in Jannah

♥ i want to built a house for my family, a traditional – contemporary malay house, penuh dengan kayu yang blh memuatkan semua orang dalam rumah tu, semua orang ada bilik.. (niat di hati nak beli rumah sebelah tu, dan renovate it)

♥ i hope, i’ll stay in this design stream.. if i’m not an architect, i’ll be an ID or landscape architect..who knows..?tapi..aku pun teringin nak jadi writer, that have my own column..adakah itu mungkin?wallahuallam. hanya Allah yang tahu..

>> and my final destination will be Jannah. insyaaAllah..



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